Designing a new, user-friendly website and marketplace for a leading blockchain node management platform.

completed at studio simpatico

Web Design

Client Management

I directed and designed a new online presence for Blockdaemon, including a custom icon set.

The little daemon becomes a big deal.

In addition to the existing logo and purple primary color, Blockdaemon began this engagement with their mascot, Daemon! A prominent part of the logo, Daemon is a nod to both the computing process as well as an inspiring, supernatural force. Daemon quickly became integral to the website’s design system, often appearing in backgrounds to add a sense of depth and layering to pages, or as the central character of a custom icon set.

A sample set of icons using Daemon as the central character.

A modular design for a multi-faceted website.

The Blockdaemon website has three distinct goals: communicate the platform’s core offerings, highlight company ethos for potential employees, and allow potential customers to find the right protocols, add-ons, and services for their applications through the Marketplace. Thus, the website design relies on the strategic use of color to further delineate between these topics. The Blockdaemon team is able to easily create new pages thanks to a modular design system and a logical CMS design.

A sample set of design modules that can stack on top of one another to seamlessly create branded pages.
A sample of the Marketplace and Marketplace Detail pages.

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