Branding the world’s leading digital asset custody, settlement, and issuance provider.

completed at studio simpatico

Web Design
Print & OOH

Visual Identity
Digital Marketing
Client Management

I directed and designed the Fireblocks brand from the ground up, and provided creative across all touchpoints. I managed the client and their design and development requests as the company grew from a startup to being valued at $8B.

Building the Brand

The name Fireblocks has an elemental ring, evoking the sense that a resource as valuable as fire itself is being tamed and utilized. Thus the triangle in the logomark seemed like an apt visual element to use as the primary building block of the Fireblocks visual language.

Starting with only a name and a logo, Fireblocks wanted to visually differentiate their brand in the growing digital asset industry. In contrast to the widespread low-contrast and monochromatic aesthetic at the time, we embraced a more assertive and provocative direction with high-contrast color combinations and sharp, dynamic angles derived from the triangle.

Designing a branded and modular website that is painless to manage.

After in-depth interviews with the Fireblocks VP of Marketing as well as their content creators, it became evident that the website needed to give them autonomy in adding new content without compromising on visual integrity. The design of the website allows the Fireblocks team to quickly create not just new media-rich posts, but entire pages using stackable and customizable design modules.

The CMS (fully custom theme built on WordPress) is clearly labeled with directions and tooltips where needed. Almost all modules have layout and color variations to keep new pages unique but branded. The result is an ever-growing website with seamless design across all pages whether they are evergreen or user-created.

A small subset of stackable content modules and their variations.
The content modules in action.

Managing and marketing the rapidly growing brand.

Fireblocks continued to work with Studio Simpatico after their brand and website launch for ongoing product and content marketing, new website features, and OOH creative. I executed all designs, managed all incoming requests and client feedback, and allocated Studio Simpatico resources to ensure all ongoing projects were completed successfully. As our team grew, I onboarded junior designers to the Fireblocks brand.

A series of one-pagers, color coded to distinguish between product and content marketing.
The color coded marketing extends to social media advertising as well.

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