Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest

In an industry saturated with palm trees and paper straws stuck into coconuts, Harmless Harvest had to stay humble to the consumer but stand out on the shelf.

completed at studio simpatico


Visual Identity

I created the original Harmless Harvest brand and designed the first ever set of Harmless Harvest SKUs to be released.

Hands are one of the most familiar and expressive parts of the body. So much of human interaction is based on hand gestures and passing things from hand to hand.

For Harmless Harvest, hands became the essence of the packaging, evoking the sense that a fresh-picked fruit grown out of humble beginnings is being handed to the consumer. No additives, no processing, just raw fruit.

We like that they’ve taken a different approach than what’s already out there, using a plain white box whose front panel is covered with hand drawn illustrations and lettering. This gives the product an artisanal feel that’s not found in any other product out there.

Bevnet on Harmless Harvest Coconut Water packaging

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