Nuasin Next Generation Charter School

Nuasin Next Generation Charter School

Branding a K–12 charter school based in the Bronx.

completed at studio simpatico

Web Design
Print Collateral

Visual Identity
Client Management

I directed and designed the visual identity for Nuasin Next Generation Charter School and extended the new branding to a new website as well as print, marketing materials, and signage.

Creating the building blocks of a new visual identity.

Located in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx, Nuasin Next Generation is highly focused on setting up students for success beyond high school, in college, careers, and life. Their deep ties to their local community urged us to explore a direction that was born out of Highbridge itself.

Drawing inspiration from the structural nuances of High Bridge, I led the pitch of a direction based on building blocks. These shapes were designed to combine in different ways to create unique and fun shapes while alluding to “building futures” for Nuasin scholars.

High Bridge and its unique stone and steel construction.
Block geometry inspired by the bridge and designed to create effortless combinations.
Full set of blocks derived from High Bridge’s structure.
Sample composition created using a combination of blocks.

From building blocks to a brand new online presence.

The Nuasin Next Generation website is an important application of the new branding as it serves to promote the Nuasin mission and approach and provide information to both prospective and current students and parents. The visual identity extends to the website in a way that makes each page unique and exciting while keeping all content accessible and navigation user-friendly. Using stackable, branded content modules, the Nuasin team is able to quickly create new pages without worrying about visual integrity.

A selection of content modules, designed to seamlessly stack and allow Nuasin users to create new pages with ease.
Page samples created using stackable content modules.
A sample page from the Nuasin Next Generation style guide.

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