A new website for the initiative to accurately portray women and girls in marketing, advertising, media, and entertainment.

completed at studio simpatico

Web Design

Visual Identity
Client Management

I directed and designed the new website for SeeHer and created a visual identity based on their existing logo.

From a logo to a visual language.

SeeHer’s impact goes beyond the accurate portrayal of women in the public eye; the initiative also ensures that female characters in media and advertising reflect the true and diverse identities of all women. They aim to change the fact that most women and girls have likely never seen themselves reflected in the content with which they engage.

This holistic approach can be defined as a complete reframing of girls and women in media. Thus, the square element in the SeeHer logo is transformed into an ever-evolving frame in the brand’s visual language, becoming a lens through which the multitudinous identities of women can be accurately portrayed.

The original SeeHer logo.

We’ve received incredible feedback internally, but we also get compliments all the time from marketers, media companies, and agencies. I really love the floating frame they incorporated in the design and used throughout the website. It has a lot of meaning — it’s about reframing women in the media.

Mary Zambri, Executive Advisor, SeeHer

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